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Abou Ghanema Secondary School
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Abou Ghanema Secondary School

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 The Mask of Gold

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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مُساهمةموضوع: The Mask of Gold    الإثنين مارس 14, 2011 9:22 am

1-What important things was Leila taking to Dr Hafez ?
2-Why did Leila take up archaeology ?
3-What was the laser machine used for ?
4-Why didn’t Leila study under Dr Hafez’s supervision?
5-Why did Leila suspect Martin Lander on the plane ?
6-Why did the customs officials let Leila go through?
7-Why did Leila go to Peru ?
8-What did Leila find when she called up the United Mining ?
9-How did Leila find out that Lander was a liar ?
10-Why was Leila taken to the police station and put in a cell?
11-Why did the police set Leila free?
12-What were Leila’s discoveries in Peru ?How was Leila lucky ?
13-Why did Leila go back to the village of Acomayo ?
14-What did Leila show Dr Hafez on the way to the village ?
15-Why were there a lot of photographer and newspaper reporters at the airport ?
16-Show that Leila grateful .
17-Show that Leila was courageous and adventurous .
18-Why did Dr Hafez choose Leila to be his assistant ?
19-Where did Leila work with Dr Hafez before and what did they discover there ?
20-Why were the Incas tough ? 21-Why did they conquer the Chimu ?
22-What were the similarties of the Incas and the Ancient Egyptians?
23-What were the differences between them ?
24-Why did the Incas kill women and servants ?
25-Why did they sacrafice their children ?
26-Why did the Incas allow the Chimu kings to rule their people?
27-Why did they send the Chimu kings’ sons to Cuzco?
28-What do you know about Dr Hafez ?
29-Why didn’t Dr Hafez want to explore the tomb immediately?
30-How did he date the old cloth and the old wood?
31-How did he organize the work in the site ?
32-What did Dr Hafez think about Amalia ?Why didn’t he suspect her ?
33-What did Lander tell Leila about himself?
34-How did he make Leila doubt him ?
35-What was Lander doing in the tomb at night ?
36-How did he trap \ punish Leila ? 37-How did he try to escape?
38-How did Amalia feel towards Leila ? Why ?
39-What did she do to get Leila into trouble ?
40-Why did Amalia want to catch Lander?
41-What made Leila and Amalia go to Acomayo ?
42-Who entered the tomb at first and what did he find there ?
43-Who was Pablo ?why was he shown everything they found ?How was his life ?
44-Why did Pablo help Lander to steal the gold mask?
45-Why was it difficult for the police to catch Lander ?
46-What did Dr Hafez say about Lander ?Where did he meet him before?
47-What was strange about the skull that was found in the tomb?
48-What caused the crack in the skull according to Dr Hafez and Leila?
49-Why did they search for a king’s tomb ?
50-Why was the work inside the tomb tiring ?
51-How did the police investigate the theft of the gold mask?
52-Show that the doctor was helpful . 53-How did the villagers help Amalia?
54-What was the role of the UNESCO in the excavation ?Why did Dr Hafez keep good relations with them ?
55-What was the difference between Samira and Leila ?
56-Why did Leila want to keep the laser machine as a secret ?
57-What happened to Leila and Amalia on their way to Acomayo ? Why ?
58-Show that Dr Hafez was intelligent . 59-What was the trap that Leila set ?
60-Why did Dr Hafez need to find something quickly ?
61-How did Leila discover the gold mask ? What was it like ?
62- Why did the police chief make a telephone call to Dr Hafez ?
Model Answers
1-A small laser machine and details of a new technique developed by the department of archaeology in Cairo University. 2-As she used to listen to Dr Hafez talking about his digs
so she decided to follow his footsteps. 3-For dating old things made of cloth or wood.
4-As people might think he was giving her special treatment as he was a friend of her family.
5-As he asked her a lot of questions and she saw him looking for the papers she had read in the
pocket of her seat. 6-As she told them that she was part of a UNESCO archaeological project .
7-To help Dr Hafez in his excavation work. 8-She found that all the United Mining operations
in Peru ended in 1999 and Lander was a liar. 9-She called up the site of the United Mining and
found that all the United Mining operations in Peru ended in 1999 . 10-As the police found a gold
rabbit among her clothes. 11- As Amalia confessed that she put the gold rabbit in Leila’s clothes.
12-She discovered a gold figure of a Llama , the gold mask and a new Inca site .
13-To thank the people who helped her to save Amalia. 14- A new Inca site in the hill side .
15- they wanted to take photographs of Leila as she made important discoveries in Peru and helped to catch a thief. 16-She came back to the village to thank the people who helped her to save Amalia . 17-She faced Lander in the tomb and told him that he was a thief , She drove Lander’s truck and hit his plane and prevented him from escaping . 18-As he trusted her and she understood him and she was an experinced archaeologist. 19-In the valley of Nobles in Luxor , they discovered a tomb with beautiful jewellery and old paintings. 20- As they lived at high altitudes and they controlled a huge empire although they didn’t have any writing.
21-As the Chimu were famous for their gold and silver work . 22-They put gold and silver objects beside the bodies of their kings | They dressed them in beautiful clothes and put gold
masks on their faces | They put food and drink beside them .
. 23-Every year at important festivals the Incas put their mummified kings on litters and took them through the streets. They killed women and servants and buried them with the king . 24- To take care of the king in the next world . 25- To please their gods 26- To keep them loyal . 27-To make sure that their fathers were loyal. 28-He was a famous archaeologist and he was the leader of the excavation work in Peru . 29- As he had a problem with the computer and he wanted to fix it . 30- By using a small laser machine. 31- He made two small teams under his direction and Leila was in charge of one team with three local archaeologists. 32-He trusted her and said that she was a good archaeologist . 33-He told her that he was a mining engineer in Peru and he had an American passport but he was born in South Africa . 34- نفس اجابة رقم 5 35-He was looking for gold artifacts to steal . 36-He climbed up the ladder and pulled it behind him and closed the wooden door . 37-He tried to escape by flying a small plane . 38- she was jealous and unfriendly . As she was in charge of her team . she discovered the gold mask and would get all tPhe credit. 39-She put the gold rabbit in her clothes to get her in troubles. 40-As he deceived her father and made him lose his money. 41-To search for Martin Lander there. 42- Ramon , he found some human bones and some pottery . 43-He worked for the Ministry of Culture in Peru and he made a note of every thing they found on the site .His life was hard as he was paid a little money 44-As he had a sick child and he needed to pay for the expensive medicine . 45-As he had a false passport and a false name . 46-He said that his name wasn’t Lander and he was involved with some people who took Inca objects out of the country . In Machu Picchu , doing some archaeological work there. . 47- It was broken and had a big crack in it . 48- Dr Hafez said that the man might have been killed but Leila said that it might have been broken by falling rocks . 49- To find gold things made by the Chimu . 50-As it was hot and there was no much air in the cave. 51-They asked people on the site , searched their things and took their fingerprints by putting a special kind of powder on the safe. 52-She took Leila in her car and went to the village to examine Amalia and called a helicopter to take her to hospital as she was in danger.
53-They carried her to their house and gave her a hot drink and some leaves to chew.
54-They would support the project for one year on condition they found something important .
If they didn’t find any thing , the UNESCO would stop supporting them / To support the project.
55- Samira was funny but Leila was worried about everything. 56- Because they wanted to be the first to use it . 57-They had an accident. Leila had a cut and Amalia had a broken leg . The road was broken . 58-He told him that the police caught Lander to make him speak freely .
59-She asked Dr Hafez to let Pablo meet Lander in Cuzco and they would follow him to catch
Lander. 60-As they had a short time before the UNESCO inspection. 61- When she was working in the tomb, her trowel hit something hard on the ground , it was the gold mask .
It was like the face of the sun with golden colour . 62-To tell him that they found the gold mask .

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The Mask of Gold
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