Abou Ghanema Secondary School
Abou Ghanema Secondary School
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Abou Ghanema Secondary School

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Mo7amed Abou Ghanima

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تاريخ التسجيل : 19/10/2010

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Questions and answers:

1-Where were a team of archaeologists asleep ?

They were asleep in tents in a remote part of the Western Desert.

2- Where did the cars stop ?

They stopped two hundred metres from the archaeologists’ tents.

3-Where did the four men go ?

They climbed down into an underground passage.

4-What did they do to see around them ?

They switched on their torches.

5-What were on the walls of the passage ?

There were paintings of ancient Egyptian gods and writing.

6-Who found two underground rooms ?

A team of six archaeologists found them.

7-What was in the first room ?

There were five ancient Egyptian mummies in the first room.

8-What was sent to the museum in Cairo ?

Gold and other treasures were sent there.

9-What were the four men searching for ?

They were searching for other rooms containing gold.

10-What would the machine that the small man carried show them ?

It would show them rooms behind the walls.

11-How did the machine show them what was behind the wall ?

It sends radio waves through the wall. When the waves hit something on the

other side, they come back to it. The computer changes the radio waves into a


12-What was the machine called ?

It was called Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

13-How did the big man break through the wall ?

He used a pickaxe and a heavy hammer.

14-What hung from the ceiling of the passage ?

Very great spiders’ webs hung from the ceiling of the passage.

15-What was at the end of the passage ?

Two gold doors were at the end of the passage.

16-What covered the oldest man’s face ?

A huge spider’s web covered the oldest man’s face.

17-What did the room which they broke into contain ?

It contained gold and other treasures.

18-Why did the big man shout in pain ?

He shouted in pain because spiders were biting him.

19-How did the tall man try to keep the spiders away ?

He took off his jacket and hit the spiders with it.

20-Where was the small man bitten ?

He was bitten on his leg.

21-Where did the men take the gold and treasures they stole ?

They took them to their cars.

22- What happened to the four men by that time ?

They had all been bitten by the spiders.

23- Why didn’t the oldest man worry about the biting of the spiders ?

He believed there weren’t any deadly spiders in Egypt.

24- How did the four men feel as they drove through the desert ?

They felt very sick and thirsty.

25- Where did the big man see four spiders ?

He saw them in the boxes in the back of the car.

26- What did the tall man do ?

He crawled out and fell onto the sand beside the car.

27- Who were in the helicopter ?

A pilot, a telecom engineer and a technician were in the helicopter.

28- Where were they going ?

They were going to a transmitter in the desert.

29- What did the pilot do when he saw the vehicles below them ?

He flew the helicopter round in a circle.

30- How did the pilot and his mates find the four men ?

They found the four men dead.

31- What did the pilot think the four men died of ?

He thought they died of thirst.

32- How was the pilot saved from the bites of the spiders ?

He was asked by the engineer to get on the radio to contact the police.

So he left the car where the spiders had been.

33- Why did the small spiders in the cars die ?

They died because it was too hot for them to live.

34- Where did the police drive the robbers’ cars ?

They drove them to a new town called Hamdayya, south west of Cairo.

35- What happened to the biggest spider in the back of the car ?

It was still alive.
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